Epicor Insights 2017: Nashville

05/19/2017 06:01 PM Comment(s)
Next week is Insights, the Annual Epicor Customer Conference in Nashville, a great time for education, product announcements and networking.  I will be in attendance and will be leading two customer sessions for one of my clients, Rowmark.  I look forward to networking with as many of you as possible.  If you would like to meet up, send me a message on the Insights App or send me an email at rick@getaligned.solutions.

 On Tuesday at 2:25pm in Governor's Chamber E I will be presenting DMT PowerShell Scripts, Lessons Learned, Rowmark uses several DMT PowerShell Scripts to automate many different DMT import for different reasons. In the session I will be going over not only what all Rowmark uses DMT PowerShell scripts for but also, step by step on how to set them up. 

On Thursday at 10:00am in Governor's Chamber D I will be presenting how Rowmark has leveraged the many different Epicor Search tools to not only get to the data, but get to it quickly, streamline processes and take out the ever time-consuming mouse clicks.  Stop by and see how each of these types of searches are setup and used by Rowmark.